Our DOUBLE GOLD medal winning XOX caramel sauce is now available in swanky Italian glass bottles. Destined to be considered part of the Sonoma cultural heritage, this rapturous ménage of savory and sweet is like Halloween without leaving the house.

Formulated for sweet and savory foods, this elite culinary obsession pairs wonderfully with a wide range of temptations. Drizzle over granola, popcorn and croissants. Impress as a warm dipping sauce for fresh fruit, pretzels and cheese. Transform ice cream, cheesecake and crêpes. Make a smoothie, milkshake or - inspire your inner-barista with a rich cup of cappuccino caramel. For the cocktail crowd, great things happens when this caramel and cocktails meet.  

Delicious Recipe: Slice a baguette into 1" slices and coat with olive oil. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and toast the baguette for 3 - 5 minutes. Arrange toasted baguette on a serving tray and add a slice of your favorite creamy cheese (we like Harvarti). Next, top the cheese with a thin slice of a tart green apple, then finish with a fine drizzle of XOX whiskey-kissed caramel sauce. TOO-DIE-FOR!

A sophisticated artisan caramel. Great for giving to family, friends and sweethearts!

100% Palm-Oil Free. To reflect our regional heritage, we handcraft our confections in small batches, using only the finest quality, raw materials, meticulously sourced from small, local producers.

15.75 FL OZ

Contains: Fresh Cream, Invert Syrup, Dark Brown Sugar, European Butter, Bourbon, Sea Salt

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